Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Rolls!

My friends Wendy and Dec came over for dinner to meet our new dog Apple. As usual, everyone at the table has some sort of special dietary needs. Wendy can't have gluten, Dec and Yakov (my boyfriend) are lactose in tolerant and I'm a vegetarian. This as a main course worked beautifully. AND it fit within my rules of healthy:
1. As close to unprocessed as possible.
2. as much raw vegetables as possible
3. no corn syrup
4. responsible calorie load.

These took a little bit of practice to get the freaking wrapper to work, but it was awesome to not have to have the stove on in the heat, and it was all kinds of tasty.

So first off the wrapper needs to soak for about 15 seconds before wrapping, and can tear if you don't do it all speedy- so I set everything out ahead of time. you can put whatever vegetables you want in the things, but this is what I had on hand.
tofu, mint, basil, cucumber, and bean sprouts. I recommend adding baby spring mix greens or cabbage to get it a little more crunchy and add some volume.

Soak the darn thing, and lay it onto a damp workspace. If it's dry, the wrapper tends to tear easier.

roll it like a burrito.

By watching a few how-to videos, I saw this as a way to control the portion size of the sauce, which is really the thing that can turn this into a calorie bomb- I took two table spoons of peanut sauce and spread it on the roll, and then wrapped the whole thing in another wrapper.

the peanut sauce was super easy, too:
-a few spoonfuls of natural peanut butter
-a table spoon of gluten free soy sauce (it's a big deal, some makers put that shit in everything)
-a table spoon of sugar
-clove of minced garlic
-some water added till it got to a consistency I liked.
I just mixed it with a fork till I was happy.

They kept in the fridge great for the five hours before my guests arrived. I just wrapped them in damp paper towels and put them in a Tupperware.

Because they weren't all that colorful I pared it with cut fruit (peaches, kiwi and cantaloupe) and a quinoa strawberry salad- which I think I'll put up here anther time.

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